SOLUNAT No.14  (formerly No. 14 Polypathik N)


Used in natural therapy since 1921

Produced at the SOLUNA Laboratory
Spagyric cycle of potentiation according to Bernus and in the tradition of Paracelsus, using healing plants with intense signature from SOLUNA’s own garden.

Original medicinal formulation following Alexander von Bernus – since 1921
Complex spagyric tincture made by extraction from:

  • Artemisiae herba
  • Paeoniae flos
  • Visci herba

in an extraction medium consisting of:

  • Distillate of the watery-ethanolic maceration residue from the previous cycle and purified water
  • Helleborus spag. D4
  • Ammonium bromatum
  • Kalium bromatum
  • Natrii bromidum
  • Ethanol 96%