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Soluna spagyric

The work "Rhythmik und Heilkunst - Die Soluna-Spagyrik" is published

After 10 years of research Christoph Proeller publishes his work "Rhythmik und Heilkunst - Die Soluna-Spagyrik".

This 1,200-page reference work takes Alexander von Bernus' spagyric and alchemy into the 21st century, significantly expanding the range of applications of SOLUNA remedies and, for the first time, providing naturopathy with a holistic concept for individual therapy based on life rhythms.

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SOLUNA Spagyric News

The Soluna Spagyric is a natural-philosophical overview of nature, man and life rhythm against the background of alchemy, astronomy and chronobiology. As an individual therapy based on life rhythms it is applied and further developed Paracelsus and Soluna medicine. All news about the Soluna spagyric can be found here!