Signature of the spagyrics according to Alexander von Bernus


SOLUNATES are produced in the rhythm of SOLAR distillation (Spa-), i.e. associated with the sun, and LUNAR maceration (-gyrik), i.e. associated with the moon: SOLUNA.

The Soluna Spagyric was moved from the main building to the so-called "dome". The top view of the dome shows the architectural realization:

  • The outer walls - a sequence of different glass and wall lengths - symbolize the spagyric course of development.
  • At the top to the south the octagonal form of SOLAR distillation and at the bottom to the north the octagonal form of LUNARen maceration.
  • Pyramids were built on the roof - centered over maceration and distillation - whose light enters the inside via a glass construction.
  • The combination of SOLAR distillation and LUNAR maceration depicts a recumbent figure eight (the lemniscate), the symbol of infinity and eternal life.


The dome embodies the spagyrics of Alexander von Bernus. The alchemist and spagyric Prof. Manfred Junius comments on this signature:

"A spagyric laboratory, which forms one large unity from the first to the last step of production, is of great value within the world of medical manufacturing processes - Rudolf Steiner once pointed out that the laboratory table must become an altar. This is the idea that has been realized at Soluna."