Soluna Garden

Source of the Soluna medicinal plants

The Soluna medicinal herb garden is located in the Italian Alps at an altitude of 700 metres in the small mountain village of Averara, near the town of San Pellegrino, famous for its table water. It wonderfully blends into the unspoilt Alpine landscape.


SOLUNA Garden Averara in Winter


SOLUNA Garden Averara in Spring


SOLUNA Garden Averara in Summer


Fire The daily and annual rhythm is intense: hot summers and days, combined with cold winters and nights. This is how medicinal plants with very distinctive signatures flourish.

Earth The areas of the Soluna Garden (about 5 hectares) were previously meadows and pastures. The uncontaminated topsoil offers the best conditions for growing medicinal plants.

Water A spring gushes in the garden. Its water flows through wells designed according to alchemo-medical and natural-philosophical criteria.

Air The garden is far away from motorways, industry and conventional agriculture. The constant fresh mountain air allows nature and man to breathe deeply.


Soluna Garden Averara

In the Soluna Garden, man and nature form a unity. Our gardeners exactly know from experience what is good for the essence of the over 100 medicinal plant species. Thus they are exposed to the time qualities naturally favourable to the cultivation of medicinal plants - of day and year.


In the Soluna Garden, man humbly meets nature. He goes hand in hand with nature and lives according to its healing principle: "there is a right time and place for everything". Here the plants for the SOLUNA remedies and LUNASOL cosmetics grow - in gratitude.

With a lot of care the seeds are sown, cultivated, and harvested by manual labor and gently dried on silk panels stretched over wooden frames. In this way, the splendid "external" signatures of the medicinal plants - as an indication of their "inner" nature - are preserved.


Natural remedies and natural cosmetics can innately only be as good as the nature of the ingredients used. Thus the development of SOLUNA remedies and LUNASOL cosmetics is initiated in the Soluna medicinal plant garden.